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Can you do array difference?

LeeTL1220LeeTL1220 Arlington, MAMember, Broadie, Dev ✭✭✭

Is there a way to do array difference? Such as range(5) - [0, 4] which would yield [1,2,3]?


  • ChrisLChrisL Cambridge, MAMember, Broadie, Dev admin
    edited December 2017

    Hey @LeeTL1220 not right now, outside of writing a task that could do this for you.

    We try to keep the WDL standard library very general purpose and only add to it as needed. Having said that, array addition and subtraction is something that a lot of people ask for, and does seem to fit into the criteria for a standard library feature.

    I'd like to write this up as a PR, but I have one sticking point - could you look at this issue and clarify what you might expect to happen for the foo4 expression?

  • LeeTL1220LeeTL1220 Arlington, MAMember, Broadie, Dev ✭✭✭
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