Update: July 26, 2019
This section of the forum is now closed; we are working on a new support model for WDL that we will share here shortly. For Cromwell-specific issues, see the Cromwell docs and post questions on Github.

Save outputs to final outputs directory

I'm using Cromwell with JES backend and I want to save final outputs to Google bucket. Is it possible?

I'm trying to do this by using the following workflow options:
"jes_gcs_root": "gs://dev-epm/cromwell_executions/results",
"google_project": "broad-epigenomics",
"auth_bucket": "gs://dev-epm/",
"final_call_logs_dir": "gs://dev-epm/cromwell_executions/logs",
"final_workflow_outputs_dir ": "gs://dev-epm/cromwell_executions/metadata/outputs"
Is it enough? It seems that outputs are not being copied to final_workflow_outputs_dir , but I couldn't see any error in logs.

Thank you.


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