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Variable set in workflow as workflow output


I am trying to set a File set within the workflow (File optional_output in example below) as the workflow output.

task atask {
  File? i
  output {
    File output_file = i

workflow w {
  File? optional_file
  File other_file

  if (defined(optional_file)) {
    call atask {
        i = optional_file

  File optional_ouput = if (defined(atask.output_file)) then select_first([atask.output_file]) else other_file

  output {
    File w.atask.output_file = optional_output

But I get a "Unable to load namespace from workflow: ERROR: Unexpected symbol (the . in w.atask.output_file)" and "Workflow input processing failed" error.

I think I can do something like the solution posted here https://gatkforums.broadinstitute.org/wdl/discussion/9810/dynamically-change-workflow-output-based-on-conditional but I'd like to avoid it if possible since I'd like to keep the workflow output type to be a File and also to be named specifically "w.atask.output_file".


Best Answer


  • ahakoneahakone Member, Broadie

    I wanted to maintain that naming convention because that's how the other outputs are formatted (e.g., btask.* becomes "btask.output_file": "gs://some_cloud_path") and another script runs through the outputs of the workflow. But it turned out that the script doesn't care about the naming convention so this solution works, thanks.

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