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Docker image hashing issues in some scenarios with TES backend

adamstruckadamstruck Portland, ORMember

With the TES backend it is possible to run cromwell locally and have your tasks run on google compute engine. In this context the docker hash causes issues. It appears that the hash is being calculated for the docker version of the image rather than the gcr version of the image. So when the TES service attempts to pull down the image an error occurs since that hash doesn't exist in gcr.

Possible solutions:

  • turn off hashing altogether
  • specify gcr or docker as the remote for hash calculation

Any ideas?



  • RuchiRuchi Member, Broadie, Moderator, Dev admin

    Hey @adamstruck, by default if there is no docker registry specified for the docker image, the docker daemon defaults to utilizing DockerHub. If a user wants to run a task using a GCR image, they will have to explicitly specify the hostname "gcr.io" to their docker image name.

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