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Localization problems with absolute path input

pdagostopdagosto Rockville, MDMember

I have the following simple workflow:

workflow variantCaller { 
   File rawReadsDir
   call changeDir {
       input: dir=rawReadsDir

task changeDir {
     File dir
    command {
       cd ${dir}

In my inputs file I specify an absolute path for rawReadsDir:

  "variantCaller.rawReadsDir": "/home/username/path_to_raw_reads_dir"

When I execute using the local back end the path I specified in my inputs has the path to the cromwell-executions directory pre-pended to it:


It snot clear to me why this is happening. Shouldn't the absolute path be respected as per the documentation?

I tried changing the root in the cromwell configuration file but this did not work either.

What's the secret to getting cromwell to accept and respect an absolute path as input?

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