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cromwell on sge with containers

afriedenafrieden Cambridge, MAMember

Hi WDL Team,
Currently we have cromwell running with our local SGE cluster. We would like to be running containers through cromwell on SGE. Is there a recommendation for doing this? Basically we want to run the containerized jobs but on the cluster as a whole. Not married to SGE (just what we currently us), just looking for a technology recommendation on parallelizing jobs on a cluster through cromwell. Thanks


  • jgentryjgentry Member, Broadie, Dev ✭✭✭

    Hi @afrieden - the big blocker for you (I believe you're a broadie, right?) is that you can't run docker on broad hosts. You'd need to set up a cluster outside of the Broad network and/or work with BITS to build you a walled off set of machines and install a cluster on that.

    Unfortunately the first handful of steps would need to be a discussion with BITS (either for on prem solutions or e.g. GCP based solutions) before Cromwell could even enter into the picture.

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