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Cromwell support for docker with -w option to change current working directory inside container

I have WDL running with cromwell-28,Local backend with Docker,added -w working_directory in reference.conf file, so command (pwd) available in WDL should run in working_directory.
reference.conf Content of Local Backend

default = "Local"

providers {
Local {
actor-factory = "cromwell.backend.impl.sfs.config.ConfigBackendLifecycleActorFactory"
config {

    # Limits the number of concurrent jobs
    #concurrent-job-limit = 5

    run-in-background = true
    # `script-epilogue` configures a shell command to run after the execution of every command block.
    # If this value is not set explicitly, the default value is `sync`, equivalent to:
    # script-epilogue = "sync"
    # To turn off the default `sync` behavior set this value to an empty string:
    # script-epilogue = ""

    runtime-attributes = """
    String? docker
    String? docker_user
    submit = "/bin/bash ${script}"
    submit-docker = """
    docker run \
      --rm -i \
      ${"--user " + docker_user} \
      --entrypoint /bin/bash \
      -v ${cwd}:${docker_cwd} \
              -w /root/  \
      ${docker} ${script}

example WDL

task testing {

command {
runtime {
docker: "ubuntu:16.04"
output {
File out = stdout()
workflow wf {
call testing

In cromwell logs output is showing as below

cat stdout

Expected output is


command should return current working directory of host,since we are setting current working directory in docker run command.



  • ChrisLChrisL Cambridge, MAMember, Broadie, Dev admin

    @ishank I just want to make sure I understand the question:

    • You've updated the docker command in your configuration file to make all commands run in the /root/ directory
    • You have a command that runs pwd
    • You expect the output out to be a file that contains the string /root/
      • That's what I'd expect too, what are you in fact seeing?
  • ishankishank Member

    I am getting below output

    cat stdout

  • ChrisLChrisL Cambridge, MAMember, Broadie, Dev admin

    Oh, I see what's going on, our wrapper script includes a cd to our execution directory before running the contents of the command block.

    Can I ask what the requirement for this is? Can you use cd in your command before the pwd? eg

    command {
      cd /root/
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