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Several Problems I've noticed in the WDL documentation

*All these issues were encountered while reading the spec file on the WDL github repo.

  1. There are some features that are listed as "cromwell supported", but aren't actually supported by the version of cromwell that is currently used by FireCloud. An example of that would be the "if/else" clause. The "else" clause is only supported in cromwell26 and so any code that contains this doesn't actually work on FireCloud (which is still running cromwell25 at this moment). Is it possible to mention the specific cromwell version starting from which a feature is supported?

  2. Some features are only supported within a specific section, but it's not mentioned in the documentation. For example, you can only use the "if" clause within the workflow section (and not within tasks), but it isn't specifically explained in the docs. It would save a lot of time if each feature had a list of sections it can be used within.

  3. There are some sections of the documentation where a piece of code is given, followed by an explanation f what it does. I have mentioned places where the explanation does not fit the piece of code it describes (for example, different variable names). I will add specific examples next time I see one.

  4. In the CHANGELOG.md file in cromwell documentation, is it possible to add a release date to each version of cromwell? Also, where can one find info on which version of cromwell is being used by FireCloud at any given moment?

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