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Optional Parameters and Type Constraints

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Types can be optionally suffixed with a ? or + in certain cases.

  • ? means that the parameter is optional. A user does not need to specify a value for the parameter in order to satisfy all the inputs to the workflow.
  • + applies only to Array types and it represents a constraint that the Array value must containe one-or-more elements.
task test {
  Array[File]  a
  Array[File]+ b
  Array[File]? c
  #File+ d <-- can't do this, + only applies to Arrays

  command {
    /bin/mycmd ${sep=" " a}
    /bin/mycmd ${sep="," b}
    /bin/mycmd ${write_lines(c)}

workflow wf {
  call test

If you provided these values for inputs:

var value
wf.test.a ["1", "2", "3"]
wf.test.b []

The workflow engine should reject this because wf.test.b is required to have at least one element. If we change it to:

var value
wf.test.a ["1", "2", "3"]
wf.test.b ["x"]

This would be valid input because wf.test.c is not required. Given these values, the command would be instantiated as:

/bin/mycmd 1 2 3
/bin/mycmd x

If our inputs were:

var value
wf.test.a ["1", "2", "3"]
wf.test.b ["x","y"]
wf.test.c ["a","b","c","d"]

Then the command would be instantiated as:

/bin/mycmd 1 2 3
/bin/mycmd x,y
/bin/mycmd /path/to/c.txt

Prepending a String to an Optional Parameter

Sometimes, optional parameters need a string prefix. Consider this task:

task test {
  String? val
  command {
    python script.py --val=${val}

Since val is optional, this command line can be instantiated in two ways:

python script.py --val=foobar


python script.py --val=

The latter case is very likely an error case, and this --val= part should be left off if a value for val is omitted. To solve this problem, modify the expression inside the template tag as follows:

python script.py ${"--val=" + val}
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