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Update: July 26, 2019
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Is the 'version #' statement supported by Cromwell 42?

I tried using the version statement as the first line of my WDL script but Cromwell 42 does not accept it. It parses the WDL file as draft-2 even if I specify --type-version as an input to Cromwell.

=> cat helloworld.wdl 
version draft-3
workflow helloworld {
String greeting

call hello { input: greeting=greeting }

meta {
      author : "Walt Shands"
      email : "[email protected]"
      description: "This is a hello world example"

task hello {
    String greeting
  command {
    echo "${greeting}"

=> cat helloworld.json 
  "helloworld.greeting": "hi everyone!"

~/Documents/UCSC/dockstore_work => java -jar ~/Documents/bioinformatics/cromwell-42.jar run helloworld.wdl -i helloworld.json 
[2019-06-24 14:07:00,36] [info] Running with database db.url = jdbc:hsqldb:mem:a2bfd98a-1b96-4b2a-a7ad-067288b750f7;shutdown=false;hsqldb.tx=mvcc
[2019-06-24 14:07:06,20] [info] Running migration RenameWorkflowOptionsInMetadata with a read batch size of 100000 and a write batch size of 100000
[2019-06-24 14:07:08,12] [info] MaterializeWorkflowDescriptorActor [fb54bbe5]: Parsing workflow as WDL draft-2
[2019-06-24 14:07:08,17] [error] WorkflowManagerActor Workflow fb54bbe5-f233-4162-94f8-af9d01cc6c59 failed (during MaterializingWorkflowDescriptorState): cromwell.engine.workflow.lifecycle.materialization.MaterializeWorkflowDescriptorActor$$anon$1: Workflow input processing failed:
ERROR: Finished parsing without consuming all tokens.

version draft-3

    at cromwell.engine.workflow.lifecycle.materialization.MaterializeWorkflowDescriptorActor.cromwell$engine$workflow$lifecycle$materialization$MaterializeWorkflowDescriptorActor$$workflowInitializationFailed(MaterializeWorkflowDescriptorActor.scala:215)

How do I specify the version of the WDL file?

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