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Having Cromwell service a Unix socket

chrisvanrunchrisvanrun Utrecht, NetherlandsMember

I am trying to have Cromwell webservice on a Unix socket (file) rather than the loopback interface (e.g. default port 8000).

However, I am unsure how to setup the config of cromwell. I have naively tried setting the websevice.port to the socket path with obvious results:

Caused by: com.typesafe.config.ConfigException$WrongType: system properties: port has type STRING rather than NUMBER
    at com.typesafe.config.impl.SimpleConfig.findKeyOrNull(SimpleConfig.java:163)
    at com.typesafe.config.impl.SimpleConfig.findOrNull(SimpleConfig.java:174)

Any suggestions or help would be very welcome.

Context: we are running instances of the cromwell server on a shared compute cluster. Having the server listen to a port on the host loopback interface (i.e. localhost:8000) is a security risk whereas using the Unix socket would allow us to set permissions.

Kind regards,

P.S. I am running Cromwell v37 on Mac OS Sierra (10.12.6).


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