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is it possible to get finished task output before end of workflow ?


I would like to know how to get output of a task that is finished before the end of workflow.
I'm running cromwell in server mode, and with 2-3 tests (using linear chaining, scatter,..), we saw that the output is populate after all tasks finished.
Maybe we missed something in wdl description to do so.

An example :

workflow sequentialTimingWorkflow {

call sleep as sleep30 { input: sleep_time = 30 , msg = "first steps" }
call sleep as sleep120 { input: sleep_time = 120, msg = sleep30.out }

output {
String sortiesleep30 = sleep30.out
String sortiesleep120 = sleep120.out

task sleep {
Int sleep_time
String msg
command {
echo "I slept for ${sleep_time} : ${msg} "
sleep ${sleep_time}
output {
String out = read_string(stdout())

thx for your help
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