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Can AWS Key:Value tags be passed through wdl to cromwell?

scottwoodscottwood Brisbane, AustraliaMember

Afternoon, folks,

I'm new to the AWS Batch service and to the cromwell backend support for it so please understand if my question betrays any misunderstanding of the pieces.

As I understand it, EC2 instances are started up to run the docker containers for each of the containers that the tasks spawn. I'm curious to know if any mechanism exists to pass AWS Key:Value tags through the wdl to tag either the containers themselves, or the EC2 instances that are running them? This would allow for easy identification of which instances or containers were used to process which workflows.

If it is already a feature, a pointer to the relevant docs would be greatly appreciated, as I couldn't find it.

If it's not yet a feature, would my best avenue to request it be to submit the feature request at https://github.com/broadinstitute/cromwell/issues?



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