Update: July 26, 2019
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why scatter is considered subworkflow?

antonkulagaantonkulaga KievMember

In the latest development version of Cromwell you started displaying scatters as subworkflows. This created a lot of confusion in our team as having extra workflows like "ScatterAt40_16" is not very useful.
I am also developer of cromwell-client and UI ( https://github.com/antonkulaga/cromwell-client ) it is not clear for me how I should display the scatter subworkflows in my UI as I want to differentiate them from normal subworkflows (that were explicetly written that way).


  • ChrisLChrisL Cambridge, MAMember, Broadie, Moderator, Dev admin

    @antonkulaga - this should only kick in if you've got nested scatters (ie one scatter inside another).

    Previously, Cromwell couldn't support nested scatters at all, so this shouldn't be a breaking change. It's related to the fact that Cromwell cannot handle more than one shard index without introducing a sub-workflow. Our previous answer was to tell people to create their own sub-workflow and scatter over it if they wanted nested scatters.

    This is our way of saying "we'll introduce the subworkflow for you, so you don't need to", but it does have the unfortunate side-effects you mention.

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