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submit via SSH

In document I I saw different technologies (SFS, GCS, S3, OSS, HTTP and FTP) but not SSH

I mean, I would like to execute commands via SSH in cromwell
In my usercase example, I want to run singularity image on remote host :

    providers {
        Singularity {
            actor-factory = "cromwell.backend.impl.sfs.config.ConfigBackendLifecycleActorFactory"
            config {
                run-in-background = true
                runtime-attributes = """
                String? host
                String? job_id
                submit = "ssh [email protected]$host singularity exec -B /data /tmp/image.simg /bin/bash < ${script}"

The problem is that submit command is called for everything, I just want to execute the command of my WDL file

If you have any idea i'm interested !



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