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read_csv() could not read file

Dear all,

I got error messages like this:

WorkflowManagerActor Workflow 8c3f1f30-7130-435e-bac8-c8433afbddf0 failed (during ExecutingWorkflowState): java.lang.RuntimeException: Failed to evaluate 'jointCallingGenotypes.inputSamples' (reason 1 of 1): Evaluating read_tsv(inputSamplesFile) failed: [Attempted 1 time(s)] - IOException: Could not read from inputTSV.txt

in my wdl script:

File inputSamplesFile
Array[Array[File]] inputSamples = read_tsv(inputSamplesFile)

the json file:

"jointCallingGenotypes.inputSamplesFile": "inputTSV.txt"

dont know how to fix it.

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