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Am I out of disk space when I see this error message

shuangBroadshuangBroad Broad75Member, Broadie, Dev

So I'm running a task through the dsde methods cromwell server v 34,

And received an error message that reads

"failures": [
"causedBy": [],
"message": "Task RunMobster.GenerateMobsterPropertiesAndRun:NA:2 failed. The job was stopped before the command finished. PAPI error code 2. Execution failed: action 9: preparing standard output: creating logs root: mkdir /var/lib/pipelines/google/logs/action/9: no space left on device"

Does this error mean that the machine's disk is overwhelmed by the task's output?

Background: this is my runtime

runtime {
        docker: "shuangbroad/mobster_with_mosaik:latest"
        disks: "local-disk " + "1000" + " HDD"
        cpu: "2"
        memory: "13 GB"
        preemptible: 3



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