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Is it possible to choose a specific VPC network name for Google Cloud

jagga13jagga13 Member


Looks like the google backend uses the network name "default" when deploying a workflow to the google genomics api. I am unable to find any option to change this to something other than default similar to how the project and storage bucket settings are defined. Our project does not use the default name for it's vpc network and I am unable to change it given my access level within GCP. Would this be something that can be changed on the cromwell end by passing some variable/option?

[2018-08-11 01:45:14,51] [error] WorkflowManagerActor Workflow 8f55bf4d-9389-40e6-a469-dbd434394dd8 failed (during ExecutingWorkflowState): java.lang.Exception: Task wf_hello.hello:NA:1 failed. The job was stopped before the command finished. PAPI error code 3. Invalid value for field 'resource.networkInterfaces[0].network': 'https://www.googleapis.com/compute/v1/projects/projectabc/global/networks/default'. The referenced network resource cannot be found.

Thanks in advance for your help!


  • RuchiRuchi Member, Broadie, Dev admin

    Hey @jagga13,

    This isn't an option in Cromwell yet, and from my understanding this option can only be wired in for the Pipelines API v2 backend --is that what you're using? Thanks!

  • jagga13jagga13 Member

    I was not using api v2 but can switch to it if that adds the option of a custom vpc network name.


  • RuchiRuchi Member, Broadie, Dev admin
    edited August 2018

    Hey @jagga13,

    My apologies for being unclear. The Google Pipelines API v1 doesn't allow anything but a default network and Google Pipelines API v2 allows for it but the option doesn't exist in Cromwell yet. I see that an issue has been filed. We may not be able to address this in the near future, however we are open to contributions and would be happy to help answer questions.


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