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Cromwell server reports "Restarting workflowXXX.callYYY" but new jobs are not started on gcloud

I have a workflow being executed by Cromwell on gcloud, it ran fine until at some point it started stalling and just reports "Restarting workflowXXX.callYYY". No new jobs are being submitted for computation. This is a workflow that iterates over ~2500 samples.

Is there a way to check what's going on?

Also, how do you control how many concurrent task are executed at the same time when working with gcloud? I added concurrent-job-limit = 1000 under:

backend { (...) providers { (...) config { (...) concurrent-job-limit = 1000 } } }



  • RuchiRuchi Member, Broadie, Moderator, Dev admin

    Hey Damian,

    That config setting you used looks like the right one.

    It's possible your Cromwell process is overloaded. Would you mind sharing the command you used to setup the server or run mode?


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