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Looking for example of starting workflow using Google Pipelines Java API

Hello, this may seem like a basic question but does anyone have an example of calling Google's Pipelines API with their Java library (I'm using google-api-services-genomics-v1alpha2-rev504-1.23.0)?
ie. something along the lines of:

Pipeline pipeline = new Pipeline();
RunPipelineRequest requestBody = new RunPipelineRequest();
Genomics genomicsService = createGenomicsService();
Genomics.Pipelines.Run request = genomicsService.pipelines().run(requestBody);
Operation response = request.execute();

In all my attempts, I can see that a Cromwell server gets started but my super simple Hello World workflow doesn't get run. There aren't any indications of errors in any of the log files.

It would be very helpful if I could compare the code that I have to a working example. Thanks in advance!


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