Update: July 26, 2019
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Cromwell setup + architecture validation required.

Please find attached pdf document which is summary of what we are trying to achieve in this project at University of Adelaide.

I need your help to validate whether we are using cromwell in right way?

Currently I'm trying to answer following questions:

Phoenix HPC - Phoenix is university own HPC which uses SLURM as job manager.

How to make SBATCH works on Cromwell servers?
How to make docker based workflows work on phoenix using singularity?
How to manage Phoenix outage? [48 hours every quarter for scheduled maintenance]

Decide which workflow language we need to support?
Based on open source community? What's most commonly used in UoA? or is that does not matter as workflows can be easily converted using conversion tools like https://github.com/adamstruck/cwl2wdl https://github.com/common-workflow-language/wdl2cwl
Common Workflow Language (CWL)
Workflow Description Language (WDL)
or Both

3rd party Tools suggestions for business to develop workflows (CWL/WDL).

As you can see I got lot's of questions :smile: Is there any way we can schedule a video call with a time of your convenience.


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