Current state of WOM/wdl4s

A long while ago, we used wdl4s 0.6 to parse things like lists of input, output files, and Docker images from WDL files.
This has recently started to break on workflows written for Cromwell 30.2.
Looking at the repo now, it seems that wdl4s has been incorporated into Cromwell as part of the WOM effort.
For this post, I'll call this wdl4s-wom for lack of knowledge about the new name.
As a result I have a few questions:

1) Is wdl4s-wom mature enough to use or would it be recommended to use the last release of wdl4s (looks like 0.17)?
2) Where would I find the artifact on ?
3) Is there any current documentation on using the new wdl4s-wom?



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