Forum Login Issue:
Currently the "Log in with Google" button redirects you to a "Page not found." Our forum vendors have implemented a fix, and now we are just waiting on a patch to be released. In the meantime, while on the "Page not found" you can edit the URL to delete the second gatk, firecloud, or wdl (depending on what subforum you are acessing).

Sequences must be in the same order as well

while I was waiting for your reply As workaround I downloaded files on my VM using gsutil and changed inputs file pointing to local files instead of gs://bucket path.

Here is original input file

I'm getting some java error now.

To get help, see
Exception in thread "main" java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Do not use this function to merge dictionaries with different sequences in them. Sequences must be in the same order as well. Found [] and [....

Error is attached.

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