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Array input in a json file for cromwell

DivyKangeyanDivyKangeyan Member, Broadie
edited February 22 in Ask the WDL team

Hi, I have a WDL file that takes array of files as input. When I run locally with cromwell I use .json file as the input file. How do I represent the array of files in a json file. This is what the input looks like in my WDL file

        Array[File] in_pe_reports_files
        Array[File] in_covgz_files
        Array[File] in_mbias_files
        File BSGenome_targz
        String BSGenome_package
        String Genome_build

This is my current .json file

    "aggreate.in_report_files": ,
    "aggregate.in_cov_files": ,
    "aggregate.in_mbias_files": ,
    "aggregate.BSGenome_targz": "BSgenome.Hsapiens.NCBI.GRCh38_1.3.1000.tar.gz",
    "aggregate.Genome_build": "hg38",

Not sure how to add the array of files as a json input


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