Cromwell workflow options: Output Copying

I'm trying to get cromwell to copy output files to another directory for further automatic processing.

I've set final_workflow_outputs_dir, but I'm confused about the behavior I see. I was expecting cromwell to copy the files to the specified folder, but instead it just creates a new file structure there, which again includes the name of the workflow, the workflow UUID, and the call-* folders. This isn't really an improvement over the normal cromwell-executions folder.

Is there another way to just copy the output files from the workflow into a certain folder, without recreating the cromwell folder structure? I'm only interested in seeing the latest results in the output folder, and I don't want to search all UUID's to find the latest output files.

Also, I noticed that the output from sub-workflows is not copied over at all, even though it has been specified as part of the outer workflow's output, and the files do show up in the final json output. Is this a bug?

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