Prioritize workflows which are allready in server queue


imagine the following scenario you have Cromwell running in server mode and added a bunch of workflows /analysis to it. Every single workflow keeps up running for let's say 2 to 3 hours. Now your colleague peeks around the corner and says that he wants the result of the last pending workflows as soon as possible.

What I now do in this situation is to abort all workflows instead the urgent one and then push the residual workflows back to the server.

Now my question is there a way to prioritize pending workflows via the API? Or is there a priority option/level which I can declare when pushing the workflows to the server? Like:

curl -v "localhost:8000/api/workflows/v1" -F [email protected]/some.wdl -F [email protected]$2"/"$dir"/"$line".input.json" -P [1-9]

Where 1 is the very low priority and 9 high, so it is possible to prioritize diagnostic workflows over research for example.

Thank in advance,
greetings EADG

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