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Temporary files

I'm running MuTect as such:

java -Xmx16g -jar muTect-1.1.4.jar --analysis_type MuTect --dbsnp dbsnp_137.hg19.vcf --cosmic hg19_cosmic_v54_120711.vcf --input_file:normal Normal.bam --input_file:tumor Tumor.bam --reference_sequence ucsc.hg19.fasta --out out/23.txt --vcf out/23.vcf --enable_extended_output -nt 14 > out/logs/23.log

I'm having trouble with this command freezing after about 7 hours of running time. Looking at 'top', the threads are still running, but there is no more output (including in the log files). In trying to find out a cause (and that it isn't something in my local environment), I noticed that there was a huge number of temporary files:

> find /scratch/MuTect/23/ -type f  -name "org*.tmp" | wc -l
> du -h /scratch/MuTect/23/
2.7G    /scratch/MuTect/23/

That seems like a huge number of files to be worrying about for a single pair of samples! The command does not always freeze; other samples have processed successfully.

Here's the end of the log:

> tail out/logs/23.log 
INFO  18:18:45,701 MuTect - [MUTECTOR] Processed -853994073 reads in 681 ms 
INFO  18:18:46,335 MuTect - [MUTECTOR] Processed -852994071 reads in 634 ms 
INFO  18:18:46,967 MuTect - [MUTECTOR] Processed -851993833 reads in 632 ms 
INFO  18:18:47,603 MuTect - [MUTECTOR] Processed -850993125 reads in 635 ms 
INFO  18:18:48,233 MuTect - [MUTECTOR] Inspected 4345000 potential candidates 
INFO  18:18:48,249 MuTect - [MUTECTOR] Processed -849992893 reads in 647 ms 
INFO  18:18:49,233 MuTect - [MUTECTOR] Processed -847992889 reads in 0 ms 
INFO  18:18:49,233 MuTect - [MUTECTOR] Processed -848992891 reads in 984 ms 
INFO  18:18:50,742 MuTect - [MUTECTOR] Processed -846992738 reads in 1509 ms 
INFO  18:19:10,796 ProgressMeter -   chrY:52600941        3.11e+09    8.0 h        9.3 s     98.5%         8.1 h     7.5 m 

Best Answer


  • The "-nt" flag was the likely culprit. I'll look into using Queue; but my runs don't take that long on a single processor anyways. Thanks @kcibul!

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