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Common SNPs obscured by identical VariantContext from HaplotypeCaller

Hi GATK team

During one of our recent analyses we found many cases where common SNPs are reported in a very unexpected way by GATK4 Haplotypecaller and this makes our downstream analysis unnecessary hard as we usually assume that SNPs are actually encoded as a SNP. This looks very much like a bug to me, but I am interested in finding out whether there is actually a good reason in encoding the variants this way. In a cohort of 5000 patients, we saw that almost 2.5% of common SNPS where affected (200k out of 8M variants) and for larger cohorts the percetage goes up to 5%.

Here are some examples of called variants from a 160 patient cohort (sites-only, to make it small) where a SNP is obscured by some variant context that is identical between REF and all ALTs.

chr1 876041 rs61768170 TACTCCCCCAC AACTCCCCCAC,* 319.96
chr1 93326098 rs71730518 CT CTT,CTTT,* 38399.11
chr1 112407840 rs10589164 CT CTTTT,CTT,CTTTTT,* 16295.78
chr1 158902694 rs5778098 CTT CT,* 118255.17

All those variants can be trimmed by removing the ends of REF and ALT sequences. Some end up as simple SNPs, while others remain albeit shorter indels:
chr1 821054 . G C,A,* 4897594.93 PASS
chr1 876041 rs61768170 T A,* 319.96
chr1 93326098 rs71730518 C CT,CTT,* 38399.11
chr1 112407840 rs10589164 C CTTT,CT,CTTTT,* 16295.78
chr1 158902694 rs5778098 CT C,* 118255.17

I noticed that all affected sites have an upstream deletion (*) so maybe this notation is trying to tell us something that we just don't understand?

Now assuming that there is a good reason why these variants are represented this way, how can I best trim the variants to the actually varying part? I tried bcftools norm and GATKs LeftAlignAndTrimVariants, but both did not change any of these sites. Only LeftAlignAndTrimVariants --split worked, however it also splits the multiallelic sites into multiple lines, which comes with its own limitations.

In case it helps here are some more details: All samples are human, normal (non-tumor) samples sequenced to 30x. Individual gvcf were produced by HaplotypeCaller in gvcf mode using GATK 3.5. bams came from a functional equivalence pipeline. Joint genotypes were called using a published GATK4 wdl: https://github.com/gatk-workflows/gatk4-germline-snps-indels.. I also tested using a GATK 3.5 Joint calling workflow and it shows the exact same behavior, so it does not seem to be caused by genomicsDB or other GATK4 features.

thanks for any insight


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