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Gatk haplotype caller java error

Hello GATK team,

I am trying to run gatk haplotypecaller (version on a bam file and used the following command:

"java -jar /ufrc/gatk-
-T HaplotypeCaller
-R /ufrc/EquCab3.0_UCSC/equCab3.fa
-I AMH.sorted.dedup.bam
-O AMH.g.vcf.gz

However, I keep getting the java related error below that I cannot understand. Is there something wrong with my command?

The error is:

Exception in thread "main" java.lang.IncompatibleClassChangeError: Inconsistent constant pool data in classfile for class org/broadinstitute/barclay/argparser/CommandLineProgramGroup8. Method lambda$static$0(Lorg/broadinstitute/barclay/argparser/ CommandLineProgramGroup;Lorg/broadinstitute/barclay/argparser/
CommandLineProgramGroup;)I at index 43 is CONSTANT_MethodRef and should be CONSTANT_InterfaceMethodRef
at org.broadinstitute.barclay.argparser.Comm
andLineProgramGroup.( at org.broadinstitute.hellbender.Main.printUsage(
at org.broadinstitute.hellbender.Main.extractCommandLineProgram(Main$ at org.broadinstitute.hellbender.Main.setupConfigAndExtractProgram(M$ at org.broadinstitute.hellbender.Main.mainEntry(
at org.broadinstitute.hellbender.Main.main(
/tmp/slurmd/job40546019/slurm_script: line 26: -T: command not found /tmp/slurmd/job40546019/slurm_script: line 27: -R: command not found
/tmp/slurmd/job40546019/slurm_script: line 28: -I: command not found
/tmp/slurmd/job40546019/slurm_script: line 29: -O: command not found
/tmp/slurmd/job40546019/slurm_script: line 30: -ERC: command not found



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