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Current status of GATK4 GermlineCNVCaller tools and best practices.

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I would like to try out GATK4 for discovering or genotyping germline CNV's in a cohort of few hundred whole genome sequenced samples. I work with non-human species data, but the genome sizes are almost the same as human or smaller.

The best practice documentation for germline CNV calling is still empty.

According the gatk4- JAR file germline CNV calling tools are already included.
java -jar ./gatk4-
USAGE: [-h]--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Copy Number Variant Discovery: Tools that analyze read coverage to detect copy number variants.
AnnotateIntervals (BETA Tool) Annotates intervals with GC content
CallCopyRatioSegments (BETA Tool) Calls copy-ratio segments as amplified, deleted, or copy-number neutral
CombineSegmentBreakpoints (EXPERIMENTAL Tool) Combine the breakpoints of two segment files and annotate the resulting intervals with chosen columns from each file.
CreateReadCountPanelOfNormals (BETA Tool) Creates a panel of normals for read-count denoising
DenoiseReadCounts (BETA Tool) Denoises read counts to produce denoised copy ratios
DetermineGermlineContigPloidy (BETA Tool) Determines the baseline contig ploidy for germline samples given counts data.
GermlineCNVCaller (BETA Tool) Calls copy-number variants in germline samples given their counts and the output of DetermineGermlineContigPloidy.
ModelSegments (BETA Tool) Models segmented copy ratios from denoised read counts and segmented minor-allele fractions from allelic counts
PlotDenoisedCopyRatios (BETA Tool) Creates plots of denoised copy ratios
PlotModeledSegments (BETA Tool) Creates plots of denoised and segmented copy-ratio and minor-allele-fraction estimates

Can you give some more information about what the current status is of the GATK4 GermlineCNVCaller tools and if you have an estimation for when the best practices for these tools should be available?

It would also be nice if you can give an idea if the GATK4 GermlineCNVCallertools tools are expected to work for non-human species, e.g. other vertebrates, simple / complex plants genomes and bacteria.

Thank you.

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