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VariantsToTable exxtract DP on mutect2 results

I want to obtain from vcf a table with position and DP. I try to use VariantsToTable but There is no wa tooobtin DP values.

##INFO=<ID=NMD,Number=.,Type=String,Description="Predicted nonsense mediated decay effects for this variant. Format: 'Gene_Nam
#CHROM  POS     ID      REF     ALT     QUAL    FILTER  INFO    FORMAT  20
chr1    13417   .       C       CGAGA   .       alt_allele_in_normal    ECNT=2;HCNT=2;MAX_ED=1;MIN_ED=1;NLOD=132.64;RPA=2,4;RU
chr1    13418   .       G       A       .       alt_allele_in_normal    ECNT=2;HCNT=1;MAX_ED=1;MIN_ED=1;NLOD=65.51;TLOD=290.63
chr1    13557   .       G       A       .       alt_allele_in_normal    ECNT=1;HCNT=16;MAX_ED=.;MIN_ED=.;NLOD=151.25;TLOD=42.9
chr1    13557   .       G       A       .       alt_allele_in_normal    ECNT=1;HCNT=2;MAX_ED=.;MIN_ED=.;NLOD=204.16;TLOD=84.73
java  -Djava.io.tmpdir=/tmp/  -Xmx3200M -jar   GenomeAnalysisTK.jar  -R  hg19_primary.fa  -T VariantsToTable -V Results/mutect2/432.mutect2.vcf  -F  CHROM -F POS -GF GT  -F TLOD -GF "DP"  -F NLOD   -o results.table 

Unfortunnately I obtain NA value for DP value

CHROM   POS TLOD    NLOD    20.GT   20.DP
chr1    45805566    47.68   10.53   G/G NA
chr1    235543476   7.85    16.18   TTGTGTGTGTGTGT
chr1    248637417   14.84   57.24   C/C NA
chr2    46707808    53.42   19.42   C/C NA
chr2    46707808    37.56   79.88   C/C NA
chr3    195509769   6.32    60.69   A/A NA
chr4    367275  6.79    17.75   A/A NA

How can resolve this problems?


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