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Where do I find population allele frequency files for ContEst?

jejacobs23jejacobs23 Portland, ORMember

Hello. I was looking over some of the previous Forum discussion regarding the population allele frequency .vcf files used in the ContEst tool and I am curious if the previous problems with formatting have been resolved. It seems that an error message was coming up that required a reformatting of the file before it would work properly. Also, where are these files downloaded from? Are they included in the GATK Resource Bundle or do you download them from the Cancer Genome Analysis site? In the old CGA site (http://archive.broadinstitute.org/cancer/cga/), they mention that "HapMap population frequencies are available in the download sections" but I do not see any "download sections" on this site. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.


James E. Jacobs MD, MPH


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