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Select Variants to filterout biallelic SNPs from multiple VCF files.

NilakshaNilaksha Colombo Sri LankaMember

I have a list of vcf files, one per each individual with the variants called for HLA genes. HLA has a lot of multi allelic SNPs but in this case I need to filter out only the biallelic SNPs, scanning through all vcf files. Can selectvariants accept multiple vcf inputs? Preferably I would like to give a list of vcf files so that select variant can scan through each sample and takeout only the biallelic SNPs.
Ex: sample 1 rs-xx G C
sample 1 rs-yy T C
sample 2 rs-xx A C
sample 2 rs-yy TC.
In this case I want to get only rs-yy as the result.

Thanks a lot in advance.


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