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How to handle consecutive indels?

Kelly135Kelly135 KoreaMember
edited May 2017 in Ask the GATK team

Hi all,

I have one question regarding indels in vcf.
Here is an example of consecutive indels from vcf file.

chr pos ref alt
chr1 218616012 TTC T,*
chr1 218616013 TC T,*

I believe, these two indels are same.

to visualize one genotype of first variant with the first alt allele T
pos 12 13 14
ref T T C
alt T - -

second variant with the second alt allele *
pos 12 13 14
ref T T C
alt T - -

I found several problems regarding these consecutive indels, so I ran "vt normalize" with this file, but there were no variants normalized from this process. So, what should I do with this sort of variants? I don't think these are independent variants.
FYI, I made vcfs through the process of best practice.

Any comment will help. Thanks always.

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