SelectVariants JEXL expression not working as intended

mmats010mmats010 Riverside CAMember

I am trying to select all variants that are homozygous/polymorphic in either of two samples in my multisample vcf file. For example, Sample1 might be T/T (hom reference) while sample2 might be A/A (hom variant). To do so, I use the following code:

java -Xmx20g -jar $GATK -T SelectVariants -R $REF  \
-V multisample.vcf \
-o out.vcf \
-select "'vc.getGenotype("sample1").isHomRef()' && 'vc.getGenotype("sample2").isHomVar()'"

However, the resulting out.vcf file still contains heterozygous calls for sample1 or sample2. I don't get any error messages, the tools just seems to ignore the command.

I am using version 3.6.

Any help insight would be appreciated.


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  • mmats010mmats010 Riverside CAMember
    Accepted Answer

    Figured out my problem. There were too many enclosing marks (" and ').

    Working code looks like:
    -select 'vc.getGenotype("sample1").isHomRef() && vc.getGenotype("sample2").isHomVar()'

    With, of course, "&&" being "&&" due to the markdown formatting here.

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