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Mutect build Failure

apchumangenomicsapchumangenomics University College CorkMember

Hi, I am currently trying to build MuTect on my Linux machine. I have followed the instructions as on the page https://github.com/broadinstitute/mutect/blob/master/README.md. However when I carry out the 'build MuTect' step, I run into the error as follows;
Failed to execute goal on project mutect: Could not resolve dependencies for project org.broadinstitute.cga:mutect:jar:1.1.7: The following artifacts could not be resolved: org.broadinstitute.sting:gatk-protected:jar:3.1, org.broadinstitute.sting:gatk-framework:jar:tests:3.1: Failure to find org.broadinstitute.sting:gatk-protected:jar:3.1 in file:../../gatk-protected/public/repo was cached in the local repository, resolution will not be reattempted until the update interval of sting.public.repo.local has elapsed or updates are forced -> [Help 1]


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