Output active regions in GATK4 HaplotypeCaller

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What would be the best way to output active regions from GATK4 HaplotypeCaller?

In GATK 3.x, an option --activeRegionOut <file name> could be used to write active regions in a TSV file. However, I am not able to find a similar option in GATK4 (September 2016 version commit id - b24fb75bf474d87f5e2259617fef268a145b28c6). The most similar option seems to be -justDetermineActiveRegions <boolean>, but it is not writing (or generating) active regions to a file.

I can also edit the code to add this option - is callRegion method (in HaplotypeCallerEngine.java) the right place to put it?



  • shleeshlee CambridgeMember, Broadie, Moderator admin

    Hi @virtuabhi123,

    This is an engine feature that has not been ported to GATK4. Is this something that you feel is important to your research?

    Also, we have not validated HaplotypeCaller in GATK4. For your research, please use GATK3.7.

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