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RNAseq variant calling from HISAT and Trinity aligners

CIM92CIM92 Oporto, PortugalMember

Hi guys,

I want to perform variant calling on my RNAseq dataset and I got stuck at the Split'N'Trim pre-processing step, as I want to apply the same (or similar) pipeline to two sets of reads:
1. aligned to a reference genome (with HISAT2)
2. aligned to a reference transcriptome (using Trinity/Bowtie2)

In your RNAseq Best Practices you suggest the usage of mapping quality reassignment, however, HISAT2 already reassigns this score from 255 to 60. In this context, is it really necessary to specify this parameter?

How about Trinity alignments, do you have any suggestions on how to procceed?

Best Answer


  • CIM92CIM92 Oporto, PortugalMember

    Thanks Sheila!
    Your answer was really helpful :smile:

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