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How to interpret GATK CNV call segment outcome?

Haiying7Haiying7 Heidelberg, GermanyMember

After running through the workflow, call segment gives:
Sample Chromosome Start End Num_Probes Segment_Mean Segment_Call
1 B62047 1 762414 196716563 8811 8.373648e-02 -
2 B62047 1 196744047 196801352 18 6.813179e-01 -
3 B62047 1 196874369 249214134 2289 8.127751e-02 -

The last column has 2 kinds of values, "_" and "0". What does this mean?
What does Num_Probes mean?
What does Segment_Mean mean?

Also, how can I know if a segment is amplification or deletion? amplification by which factor?

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