single-end data and optical duplicates (Mark Duplicates)

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I met a problem with MarkDuplicates: I tried to estimate optical duplicates with both single-end and paired end datasets.
In both cases, MarkDuplicates was able to detect duplicates and to mark them. However, in single-end datasets, it always says to me "Found 0 optical duplicate clusters" (I tested with several samples and several datasets -- I cannot believe there is 0 optical duplicates in all these samples). I tried Markduplicates in only 2 paired-end samples and each time it could detect optical duplicates (12% and 6% of optical duplicates among duplicates).

I really do not understand these results. Is there something I missed, like a parameter, or something?

For information, my data were sequenced on the Hiseq4000 and I followed this tutorial:

Thank you very much!

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    Thank you for your answer !

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    You're welcome!

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