microRNA Annotated by Oncotator

Haiying7Haiying7 Heidelberg, GermanyMember

I have identified some mutations that are all annotated with Oncotator as for a specific microRNAb. I checked the genomic regions, transcripts, and products of the microRNA, and found that both strands in this genomic region have mature miRNA products, and the names are miRNAxxxa and miRNAxxb. The genomic regions of the primary miRNAs of the 2 mature (miRNAs miRNAxxxa and miRNAxxb) are exactly same, but genomic regions where the mature miRNAs are encoded do not have overlap. In fact the genomic region where I identified my mutations are in the region where mature miRNAxxxa is encoded.
If we assume that even the genomic regions that are truncated during the process from primary miRNA to mature miRNA can have some effect on the expression level of the miRNA, then in this case, the expression level of both miRNAs are going to be effected.
In fact, the mutations I have identified are all in the region where the mature miRNAa is encoded.
My question is: Why only miRNAxxb is annotated by Oncotator?


  • LeeTL1220LeeTL1220 Arlington, MAMember, Broadie, Dev

    The miRNA is annotated from GENCODE. Although, I cannot see your example, the miRNA chosen was probably from a canonical transcript. Please note that Oncotator will only provide the variant information relating to one transcript. In your case, I think it just chose the transcript corresponding to miRNAxxb

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