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Variantstotable ERROR

Hi, I am trying to extract heterozygosity and read depth values from my vcf file.
This is my input command:
java -jar GenomeAnalysisTK.jar -R /nobackup/data7/jose/Medicago_truncatula_genome/JCVI.Medtr.v4.20130313.fasta -T VariantsToTable -V /nobackup/data7/jose/GBSv1/Msativa_diploids/hapmap/mergedSNPs/myGBSGenos_mergedSNPs_chr1-8_ReadDepthFiltered.vcf -F DP -F HET -o HeterozygosityCheck.csv -AMD

I get this error message:
2173, 2175, 2176, 2177, 2178, 2179]

ERROR ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Any help would be appreciated.




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