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how to choose from many types of dbsnp and cosmic files for MuTect input

jingmengjingmeng AustraliaMember

To run MuTect, dbsnp and cosmic files need to be provided. I know there are GATK Reference bundle for hg18 and hg19 reference genome. But for my case, I use hg38 reference genome in the pre-processing steps of exome sequencing data. I plan to download dbsnp and cosmic files corresponding to the hg38 reference genome separately from NCBI and COSMIC website. But there are many types of these two files, like All.vcf, common_all.vcf, common_and_clinical.vcf, and CosmicCodingMuts.vcf, CosmicNonCodingVariants.vcf etc. I am confused about which file I need to choose as input files for MuTect.

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