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SV annotation using SVAnnotator in GenomeSTRiP2.0

SunhyeSunhye KoreaMember

I got SV.vcf using GenomeSTRiP2.0 then annotated this file using SVAnnotator.
In AlleleFrequency.report.dat, POPULATION column contains "NA" not "Nation"

In AlleleFrequency.report.dat,

DEL_P0001_6 2 NA 0.226 124
DEL_P0001_12 2 NA 0.048 124
DEL_P0001_20 2 NA NA 124
DEL_P0001_27 2 NA NA 124
DEL_P0001_33 2 NA NA 124
DEL_P0001_36 2 NA 0.605 124
DEL_P0001_39 2 NA 0.000 124
DEL_P0001_40 2 NA NA 124
DEL_P0001_86 2 NA NA 124

In my pop.map

sample-00001      KOR
sample-00002      KOR
sample-00003      KOR
sample-00004      KOR
sample-00005      KOR
sample-00006      KOR
sample-00007      KOR
sample-00008      KOR

My population.map is wrong?
Otherwise, What is the problem?

And, to use GeneOverlapAnnotator, Where are the necessary files found (such as " gencode.v17.annotation.sorted.gtf ", "ucsc_gene_descriptions.dat") ?

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