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Countdown to ASHG 2015!

Geraldine_VdAuweraGeraldine_VdAuwera Cambridge, MAMember, Administrator, Broadie admin

Are you excited? We sure are. Especially in the secondary sense defined by dictionary.reference.com as "stimulated to activity; brisk:". We're presenting a poster on Thursday and a 90-minute workshop on Friday, but neither is ready yet. Good thing the weather this weekend is crappy; if we were missing out on proper New England fall foliage / leaf-peeping weather we'd be pretty cheesed off.

But we ain't afraid of no deadline -- we'll be ready. We developed a completely new workshop tutorial for the occasion, and we're going to have a big room full of people rocking GVCFs. It's going to be epic. The tutorial data bundle, sans worksheet (because that's the part that's not quite ready yet) is already available here (not a direct link to the data because we want you to read the part about the homework). It does have an appendix document with installation instructions and some context info about the tutorial objectives, which you must read through (and act on) before the workshop, if you're attending.

If you're at ASHG but you can't make it to the workshop, you can still come see our poster, which covers the same topic (the GVCF workflow part of the Best Practices), but flatter and less interactive. Although Sheila and I will be there to answer questions one on one, so in that sense it will be more interactive. Just with less keyboard action. So, Thursday 9 Oct between 12 and 1 pm at the Bioinformatics and Genomic Technology session in the Exhibit Hall, Level 1; Convention Center, poster #1664/T. Be there. We'll talk.

We'll also be around at the Broad Institute Genomic Services booth in the Exhibit Hall (booth #1720, right around the corner from Qiagen). Not sure yet when we'll be there, but send me a private message if you'd like to chat and we can figure out a time.

See you there!

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