VQSR on sex chromosomes only

I have a WES variant calling project for hundreds of patients, and the last run of calling used GATK v3.1 quite some time ago. Now I want to use v3.4 to redo the variant calling on sex chromosomes only and compare the variants in sex chromosomes between case and control groups. Here is my plan and I wonder if it's OK to do the VQSR on sex chromosomes only?

HaplotypeCaller -i boy.bam -ploidy 1 -L X,Y -o boy_XY.g.vcf
HaplotypeCaller -i girl.bam -L X -o girl_X.g.vcf

CombineGVCFs -v boys.XY.gvcf.list -o boys.XY.g.vcf
CombineGVCFs -v girls.X.gvcf.list -o girls.X.g.vcf
GenotypeGVCFs -v  boys.XY.g.vcf -v girls.X.g.vcf -o all.XY.vcf

Then run all.XY.vcf through VQSR

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