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When should I use HC in ERC mode?

Hi there,
maybe this is a very basic question but, I've read several posts and sections of GATK Best Practices and tutorials but I can not get the point. What is the main difference between using GATK HC in gVCF mode instead of in multi-sample mode? I know that HC in GVCF mode is used to do variant discovery analysis on cohorts of samples, but what is the meaning of "cohorts of samples"? If I have 2 groups of samples, one WT and the other mutant, should I use GVCF mode? I've read almost all the tutorials and Howto's of GATK and I can not understand at all.

And another question, can I give to HC more than one bam file? Maybe using -I several times? And if I introduce several files, in the raw vcf output file, what I'm going to find? Several columns one per sample?

Thank you in advance.


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