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GATK at ASHG 2014!

Geraldine_VdAuweraGeraldine_VdAuwera Cambridge, MAMember, Administrator, Broadie admin
edited October 2014 in Announcements

For those of you who are in San Diego this week for ASHG 2014, here are a few pointers to GATK-related opportunities: two workshops, one open demo session, a poster on RNAseq analysis (today!) and of course the Appistry booth. Ami Levy-Moonshine (@ami on the forum), who is our resident RNAseq expert, will be representing the GATK team throughout the conference. Details below the fold in somewhat chronological order.

- Poster on RNAseq analysis with GATK

Ami is presenting poster #1054S today (Sunday) from 5-6 pm (Convention Center, Exhibit Hall, Ground Level). He will cover the GATK Best Practices for RNAseq analysis, as well as an application of the workflow to a study of expression levels in autistic brains done by Alal Eran and collaborators.

- iSeqTools workshop and demo session

We are part of a network of developers of genomic analysis tools called iSeqTools sponsored by NHGRI. Representatives of each group in the network (including our own Ami Levy-Moonshine) will be teaching a workshop on Monday (12:30-2pm, room 24/upper level). The workshop will present the network and demonstrate how the tools can be leveraged to perform genome analysis on the cloud.
Registration is required and the workshop is sold out, but there will be a hands-on demo session in the evening in the same room from 6:30-8pm that will be free and open to all comers. Please feel free to come ask questions!

- Appistry in the exhibits hall (booth #814)

Our licensing partner, Appistry, will be present in the exhibits hall. Be sure to swing by if you have any questions about licenses for commercial use of GATK, commercial support and so on. Ami will be at the Appistry booth Monday 3-4pm to answer questions (open to all, not just commercial customers).

- GATK Best Practices workshop

Ami will be giving a super-condensed 90-minute version of our popular workshop series on the GATK Best Practices on Tuesday (12:30-2pm, room 24/upper level). Again, registration is required and the workshop is sold out, but we'll post the slides online, and this can be an opportunity to meet up with Ami after the workshop.
This workshop was organized with the help of Ben Neale, who will be present to introduce the workshop. Ben just got back from the World Congress of Psychiatric Genetics conference in Copenhagen where received an award from the International Society of Psychiatric Genetics for his exceptional published work on psychiatric genetics, so we're very excited to have him in our corner.

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