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Automate Oncotator using command line access ?

dokadydokady IndiaMember
edited June 2014 in Ask the GATK team

Respected Sir / Ma'am,

Our team is working on NGS, we are using oncotator frequently. Thank you for great tool.

I am working on automating our NGS process, hence I nedd to submit job using command line and hence download result as well.
Is there any script or command which can automate submiting job to online server and get result as well ?

CRAVAT provide web services (http://www.cravat.us/help.jsp?chapter=report_help&article=top). We have write curl script to submit job online and to download result.zip. I was able to do that.

So is this type of automation available for Oncotator ?
Waiting for positive reply.

Thank You.

  • Chetan

[email protected]


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