beside the bug fix, any change in reducedReads compression between 2.7.4 and 2.8.1?

Dear all,

I have discussed with the GATK team a small issue related to the reduceReads compression, which has been fixed just around the end of November. This was 8-9 days ago and I have been actively reprocessing a large number of BAM files to create new reducedReads BAMs. It all works fine now but it's not convenient to cite a nightly release version in publications. Therefore I would like to move to 2.8.1. Now it would make my life so much easier if I could do this without re-reducing again the just fixed BAM files.

Based on the release notes, and given the very short time frame, am I right to assume that 2.8.1 is equivalent to 2.7.4 (the nightly version following the bug fix , dated November 29) as far as reducedReads compression is concerned? Has anything important happened over the last 10 days that would not have been specified in the release notes?



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